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Customized Light Glycolic or Lactic Peel


This exfoliating treatment works through a dissolving action and helps to dissolve superficial buildup of excess oil. It also combats dry skin, removes dead skin cells, and lightens pigment spots. This therapy even helps to reduce fine lines gradually and accelerates the skin's own cell renewal process. Consultation is necessary prior to treatment.

Therapy Benefits:

  •    Sheds layer of dead skin

  •    Promotes a healthier appearance

  •    Minimizes the appearance of age spots

  •    Controls acne breakouts

  •    Improves skin damaged by the sun or by other UV light

  •    Helps stimulate the production of collagen

  •    Increases the absorption of skin-care products

Optimum Number of Treatments:

May be used safely on a monthly or even weekly basis. May be performed as a single treatment or combined with any of our skin treatments.


Not recommended if you are pregnant. Not recommended if you have open sores or lesions, skin infection, or extreme sensitivity to acid.

Side Effects:

Slight tingling may occur during application. No downtime.

Price range: Between 25 and 45

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